Beauty Counter

Here is a product line I had to share with you guys! It’s called Beauty Counter and my friend Robin Frankel is a representative for them. What makes Beauty Counter different is that it’s free from all harmful chemicals and questionable ingredients that we find in so many of our products :(.  The Environmental Working Group gives these products a super high rating. I love it, I use it and I recommend that you give it a try. Go to: beauty for more info.beautycounter_countertime-collection_main_1534x1168

Workout Wear-Under $50!

Like many of you, I workout a few hours a week. Nowadays there are so many cute options for workout wear but they can be super expensive and often not worth it! Here are some fun, stylish and inexpensive ways to look cute for summer, while working out, without breaking the bank! P.S.-I own the adidas performer and I LOVE IT!!!
Workout Wear

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