Easy Pillow

Here is an easy tutorial on making pillows. Happy Crafting!!


First measure your pillow insert and add about an inch to that measurement to all four sides to allow room for the pillow insert.
Cut out your measurement
Lay your front piece over the fabric you are using for the back piece and cut around.
Place pillow front to pillow back with the right (good) sides together. Pin the layers together near the edges, inserting pins perpendicular to the edges. Leave one side unpinned.
Place your pinned fabric under the presser foot just ahead of the opening. Remove pins as you sew. If you are new to sewing, then make sure you are sewing at the slowest pace as to not hurt yourself or by mistake sew on the pin and break the needle.
To turn your fabric leave the needle in the fabric, lift your presser foot and …
turn the fabric in the direction you plan to sew next.
Lower presser foot and start to sew this side.
When finished all three sides, lift presser foot, raise needle, remove fabric and cut thread.
Snip the corners so when you turn it right side it’s a smoother finish.
Turn right side out.
Place insert inside new pillow case.
Pin the open side closed by folding fabric inside and pinning front and back together.
Place fabric under presser foot and carefully and slowly guide the fabric. Be very careful not to sew too fast because the pillow is heavy and can shift the fabric.
And here they are!

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