Cupcake Cookie Tutorial


I love all things cupcake, so when I found cupcake cookie cutters I was all over them!! Here is a step by step tutorial on how to make cupcake cookies. Happy Baking!!

First Bake and stamp out your cookies. For my sugar cookie Recipe go to Snowflake Cookie Recipe. Then use Royal Icing of your choice, (my recipe is also at the snowflake cookie link) and  outline the outside of the cookie.
 Now let the royal icing dry.
Then add a little bit of water to your royal icing to make it into flood icing and fill in the inside of your outlined cookies.

Add your sprinkles while still wet so they adhere to the cookie

 If you want polka dots for the “cupcake liner” wait until the cookie is dry and just add dots very gently to the cookie.
Let them dry for few hours or even overnight…then eat and Enjoy!!

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