Burlap Wine Bag

I, like many, give wine as a host gift when going to someone’s house. I love burlap and thought that this would be such a personalized way to give someone a gift. And it only takes 15 min to make and a few more for the paint to dry. HAPPY CRAFTING!!!



Cut 2 equal pieces of your fabric by measuring your wine bottle and add 2-3 inches around all sides. Does not need to be perfect so don’t stress!!

Then iron about a half inch in on both sides.
 Next, fold the top inward a half inch then fold in one more time and iron.

 Then stitch close to the fabric opening around the entire piece and repeat with second piece of fabric. Then sew both pieces together with folded sides facing out. When finished turn bag inside out carefully. Push bottom ends out with finger or pencil for nice corners.
 Snip a little whole with small scissors in the middle of one side of fabric.
 Then thread a safety pin with your ribbon attached and thread through the opening at the top.
Now run your iron again around all sides to give a more “finished” look.

 Here, I cut out the Eiffel Tower using my Silhouette cutting machine.
Next, I attached stencil with pins around the bag and stenciled the Eiffel Tower onto the bag. Be sure to place a towel inside the bag, as to not get paint on back side of bag or on your table!!
 Now let it dry and you are finished!!!

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