Passover/Easter Table Setting

Here is a table I set for the coming up Passover holiday. This can easily be set for Easter as well, since I used so many colors!! I achieved this look placing my English bone china I have collected over the years and mix and matched them. I also collect colorful wine glasses. To balance the look I added clear water glasses, some fresh wild flowers and some pretty ruffled white napkins. Just a nice mix of spring and vintage rolled into one festive table! (more…)

Anthropologie inspired table setting


Tonight my husbands Aunt and Uncle are in town from Holland and I have cooked a nice meal for them(recipe to come). I am OBSESSED with anything jute so when I found these placemats I was stoked!! Did I just say stoked?moving on….I added my favorite glasses, good ole mason jars, and a simple pink napkin for added fun! I will be serving water in the milk jars. I believe that going that extra mile when entertaining really takes a dinner party to the next level and your guest will never forget the effort!