Flatter Your Figure

body-shapeThis is my number one rule because I think it’s trumps all else! Pick fabrics and cuts that FLATTER your figure! I am curvy and therefore I choose fabrics that do not cling and that drape very easily. You also want to make sure the cut flatters your shape. Know your shape and shop accordingly!  Nothing is less chic then an unflattering look.

IMG_7361The key to looking chic is to look effortless. You never want to look like you tried to hard.  Wearing 4 inch heels while running errands or while pushing a stroller  does not make you look chic or fashionable. It’s anything but effortless. Leave that ridiculous look to Posh Spice and wear ballet flats or booties.

IMG_7484Not every trend works for everyone! I cannot wear skinny jeans and ballet flats together. It does not flatter my shape. I LOVE the look but it doesn’t work on me! Again, this goes back to flattering your shape. If it doesn’t flatter then the trend is not for you.

IMG_7344-001I know it can be scary to wear something that will get noticed, but if you want to wear that new hat or killer boots go for it! Life is too short. Fashion is art and you are the canvas. Have fun with it and don’t worry what anyone thinks…they are probably thinking how cool you look!

IMG_3321-001Nothing is less chic then wearing heels that you can’t walk in or pants that dig into your skin and leave behind a big red mark! The outfit may be killer but it should not kill you! It will ruin your day or night, plus you know that all people are looking at is you wobbling around in uncomfortable heels, not your great outfit. Fashion should be fun and give you confidence, not cause you pain and discomfort!

Human_Body Clothes should look good from all angles, not just the front. If the sides of a dress are bunching and causing you to look pregnant when you’re not, put the dress back on the rack! Or if those jeans are super great but your butt is coming out of the back…run away from them! All angles should look perfect!!!

IMG_7374Adding a hat, great shoes, colorful necklace, scarf or cool blazer can take an ordinary outfit to a new level!  Just when you feel like you have nothing to wear, add a new accessory to an old dress or jeans and watch it take on a whole new look!

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