Green Maxi and White Button Down

I flew to meet my sister in Miami this weekend and it was warm but it tends to get colder at night this time of year. So, I decided to wear a maxi skirt and button down shirt so when it got cooler I wouldn’t have to change my clothes.  I tied a knot on the shirt to make it a crop top.  I added rhinestone sandals, simple white clutch, and fedora (for those humid hair days) and I was off!IMG_7759   IMG_7761      IMG_7765IMG_7767IMG_7773    IMG_7769


Sheer Maxi and Blazer

IMG_7739 IMG_7740 IMG_7748 IMG_7751 IMG_7754

I wore this outfit to lunch and a mani-pedi with my friends for my birthday. It was the perfect day! I love how the maxi skirt is light and an A-line cut to flatter my figure. It’s sheer so it adds just a hint of sexiness without being vulgar. I paired it with a light blazer, simple white tee, fedora and red clutch for that pop of color.


Cropped Sweater, Shorts with Tights

IMG_7626 IMG_7634 IMG_7640 IMG_7649

I went to see Billy Joel and thought this would be a great concert outfit. We rented a party bus and danced our tushies off!! Black, red and white are my favorite color combinations. They add some rock and roll edge to any outfit. Also, your tights no longer have to be lighter then your shoes! So go ahead and add a pop of color shoe to an otherwise boring outfit!