Lipstick Love!

I have recently started to wear red lipstick as part of my daily makeup routine!  I wanted a moisturizing lipstick that stayed put.

I took a trip to Sephora and I was matched for the best shade of red for my skin tone and ended up purchasing Bite cashmere lip cream. I liked it, but found it would come off easily. The color is super rich, but for 28 bucks, I expected more!

Last month I was on a girls trip and forgot my lipstick at home, so we stopped at a CVS somewhere in the middle of nowhere America so I could buy one to hold me over till we got back.  I looked for one that was closest to the Bite shade I was matched for and it was Covergirl Lip Perfection. Little did I know it would be the best lipstick I have ever owned!

This lipstick not only hydrates my ultra dry lips but it lasts ALL DAY and its under $6!!!! I have to take a makeup remover to get this stuff off! It doesn’t budge!! Yes, I still leave makeup marks on my kids faces and on drinking cups but to my amazement it is still always on my lips! In a perfect world I would love to have this exact lipstick without leaving behind a trail of what I drank and who I kissed but those type of lipsticks I find have zero moisture, sooooo until then, this lipstick is the one for me!! At less then 6 bucks, you gotta give it a try! Look for your favorite shade below.


Radiant Orchid


Pantone has revealed the color for 2014 and it’s Radiant Orchid.

This awards season expect to see many stars strolling the red carpet in this calming color. It’s such a feminine color that can be played up for evening with a great faux fur or clutch or can be worn during the day in some combat boots or fun lipstick. Play around with this awesome color of  2014!

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CND Vinylux!

So this is my new nail polish obsession!  I hate gel polish because the removal process is a real pain and regular nail polish chips in a few days.  So I decided to take a trip to GBS one day and the sales lady changed my nail polish life!  She introduced me to CND’s Vinylux!!

So here is why it’s so great! You do not need a base coat. You just use the polish, available in 62 colors, and then the secret is the top coat! The top coat seals the color and helps to make it last for almost two weeks without any chips! My bestie, Deb, and I realized that if you reapply the top coat two days after your manicure, it helps it last even longer! And to remove the polish, you just need nail polish remover!! No trip back to the salon for scrapping and peeling!!

If your nail salon does not carry CND Vinylux, bring yours along and don’t forget the top coat!

Your welcome!!

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