10 ways to use wallpaper

  1. POWDER ROOM-a powder room is a great way to give life to a small space! Below, is a bathroom I did for a shabby chic beach house. This bathroom was transformed from boring to shabby chic fun, with this amazing wallpaper!fullsizeoutput_297b
  2. BEHIND CABINETS/BOOKSHELVES-this is one of my favorite design tricks that I use all of the time for clients and myself! This is my kitchen below!IMG_0922
  3. ACCENT WALL-I normally hate an accent wall with paint (feels forced), but with wallpaper it’s  a great way to break up a space and not overwhelm it!Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 11.16.57 AM.png
  4. FRAMED – you can frame your favorite wallpaper or even create a gallery wall of a bunch of your favorite wallpapers for a fun, eclectic look! And when you get sick of it, you can change them out!
  5. BACKSPLASH-never considered it right? Just lay some plexiglass over it and it’s an inexpensive solution to a backsplash!screen-shot-2019-03-14-at-11.20.13-am.png
  6. ISLAND/BAR – a Kitchen Island or Bar is another creative way to add fun to a space with wallpaper.Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 11.23.53 AM.png
  7. NICHES- a bump out or niche is another small space that wallpaper looks amazing on!screen-shot-2019-03-14-at-11.10.48-am.png
  8. FIREPLACE-adding wallpaper above the fireplace is a great way to give a boring wall a focal pop!Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 11.26.44 AM.png
  9. CEILING- this is for those of you who are looking for a real statement!!! It’s really cool in a kids bedroom.Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 11.11.18 AM
  10. STAIR RISERS- I love to add fun to stair risers. What better way then to add wallpaper or decals! Here are decals I added to a clients stairs to help add some Moroccan flair to her home!IMG_2857


My Favorite 7 Stores For Interior Design

I get asked often about what my favorite stores are to shop for interiors. I do 90% of my business online because I don’t design contemporary and that means the stores don’t carry the one of a kind items I am looking for. Here’s a list of the stores you may or may not have heard of. They are all pretty affordable because I do not believe you have to spend a lot of money for good design! (more…)

“Cream” of Asparagus Soup


My hubby LOVES Cream of Asparagus soup but it is super fattening because of the cream and I just can’t make it knowing it’s not healthy. For many of you that have followed me over the last 6 years, you know that I always tweak high fat/high calorie dishes and hope to not lose the taste and flavor of the original dish. There are many recipes out there for a creamless version of this soup but all I can say is that mine is delicious and SUPER easy and you won’t miss the cream! Give it a try! (more…)

Passover/Easter Table Setting

Here is a table I set for the coming up Passover holiday. This can easily be set for Easter as well, since I used so many colors!! I achieved this look placing my English bone china I have collected over the years and mix and matched them. I also collect colorful wine glasses. To balance the look I added clear water glasses, some fresh wild flowers and some pretty ruffled white napkins. Just a nice mix of spring and vintage rolled into one festive table! (more…)