Passover/Easter Table Setting

Here is a table I set for the coming up Passover holiday. This can easily be set for Easter as well, since I used so many colors!! I achieved this look placing my English bone china I have collected over the years and mix and matched them. I also collect colorful wine glasses. To balance the look I added clear water glasses, some fresh wild flowers and some pretty ruffled white napkins. Just a nice mix of spring and vintage rolled into one festive table! Continue reading

More Mid-Century Then Modern

IMG_1551 2
Waiting Room

I have this client that came to me and said she wanted a mid-century modern design for her new 4 room office for Psychotherapy! I immediately got excited thinking how I could do a cool space with Jonathan Adler being my inspo but that idea was quickly shot down when she informed me that she was more mid-century then she was modern. She wanted more Mad Men then Jonathan Adler. Continue reading

Moroccan Bathroom Floor Tile

fullsizeoutput_296cTwo years ago my client Shari asked me to design her shower and to make a statement. She is super fussy about very clean lines while still being boho. She loved white in all different shades and textures and NO color! This made it difficult to design a cool space. I went to my favorite tile store and saw these amazing new porcelain tiles! Continue reading

My New Kitchen is finished!


About a year and a half ago I moved from my little charming cottage style home to a much larger, cookie cutter, new construction home. As a decorator this move was very difficult for me because it’s very hard to find charm and character in a newer home. And I had also put my own stamp on my smaller home and I just loved it! Continue reading

Entryway Nook

IMG_0074For so many of my clients the entryway is a very important spot for them. It needs to be functional but also beautiful. Here is my entryway where I placed a storage bench for shoes and I added pillows for a relaxed, cozy look. Above the bench, I added a hanging bin for mail and magazines and a storage compartment for phones, keys and wallets. I added some photos so it wouldn’t look like a storage space but rather a cozy little nook. I also added a clock because we always like to know the time before we run out of the house. The key to good design for a space like this is to stagger all hanging items and have them all in neutral color tones. Give it a try!!

Party Table Setting

Interior Design isn’t my only love I also love designing a great table! I recently threw a large party for friends and family and I wanted to have my hand in very detail! I would have preferred nice rustic farmhouse chairs but that was not possible at this venue but the rest of the table setting I had full control over. Continue reading

Farmhouse Table Setting

This passover IĀ hosted a seder for 16 people. I wanted the table to have a spring feel with a touch of farmhouse. I found wild flowers and placed them into milk jars and wrapped the jars in garland. I added a menu so the guest would know what was being served because everyone loves to know what’s ahead! Then I added some candles in mini mason jars for the last touch!IMG_4132 2
Continue reading