My Favorite 7 Stores For Interior Design

I get asked often about what my favorite stores are to shop for interiors. I do 90% of my business online because I don’t design contemporary and that means the stores don’t carry the one of a kind items I am looking for. Here’s a list of the stores you may or may not have heard of. They are all pretty affordable because I do not believe you have to spend a lot of money for good design!

H&M Home

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 9.08.45 AM.png

H&M is more than just for clothing. Their home line is way more lux and has very cool items that are well made and have great design! I love their table linens, bedding, pillows and accessories. They carry a nice modern selection with clean lines. Even if you’re not a fan of their clothing, I would still recommend checking out their home line. Not all of the H&M’s carry the home line, so check it out online.


World Market

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 9.17.01 AM.png

I love this store! I always find one- of- a -kind pieces here at super affordable prices! They carry everything from furniture to lighting to pillows and tableware. They also have great large furniture items that look exactly like Restoration Hardware but at half the price! The quality is not exactly the same but if you are on a tight budget, then World Market is worth checking out!!


Serena and Lily

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 9.23.55 AM

The obsession is REAL! Serena & Lily is one of my favorite places to shop for clients! Their stuff is on the mid to higher range but it’s worth it!! The quality and design of these products are worth it! They carry everything you could want for your home and they are great for that more relaxed, unfussy style. Check out their hanging chairs and beautiful rattan lighting. I have bought from here for almost all of my clients, so they carry items for a range of styles.


Shades of Light

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 9.37.23 AM.png

Shades of Light is a great resource for a one-of-a-kind light that’s cool and different. They have very affordable options and are great for Rustic, Farmhouse, Boho and Modern styles. I get almost all of my lights here for every client.



Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 9.39.39 AM.png

Sixpenny is amazing for sofas, side tables, and dining tables. I love their slipcovered sofas because they really have that relaxed California vibe that a slipcovered sofa should have. Their tables have clean, modern lines with a twist.  They do not have a large selection of items, but each piece that has been designed is made with great design and great quality at fair prices. They are a great resource for those larger ticket items.


Leif Shop

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 9.46.05 AM

If you like Anthropologie then you will love Leif Shop. They have cool items from around the world and you will not find these items anywhere else. Great for gift ideas, table decor, artwork etc., all at very affordable prices!

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 10.02.34 PM.png

Etsy is my go to for everything and anything I can dream up. Their slogan says it all- “If it’s handcrafted, vintage, custom or unique,  it’s on Etsy.” I have bought bed linens, tablecloths, dining tables, desks etc! Etsy is probably my favorite resource of all, not only for their great products, but also because it helps support small businesses and I am all about that!

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