The Loft is Finally Finished!

This is my loft in my home. I have had this space go through a few changes but basically it has been an empty since I moved into my new home 2 years ago.

I just wasn’t ever inspired and I also didn’t know what I wanted the space to be. It kind of came together organically bc the sofas were originally bought for the loft then moved into the kids playroom then back to the loft when my boys decided they wanted a “mancave” (more on that another time) and not a playroom. Then the rug, which I am obsessed with BTW, was in my family room until I redid my kitchen and needed a rug to match that space so the rug got moved into the loft. And the light fixture was just hanging out there all this time bc it was in another space and didn’t work there so I asked the electrician to put in in the loft not knowing that one day it would make senses as to why it was just hanging there. The loft came together and I didn’t even plan this space out properly! Now it is one of my favorites spaces in my home!!ACS_0235My daughter and I LOVE to craft so we decided to make the wall “The wall of Art” that she and I create. Soooo I plan on hanging all of our art on that wall! She also wanted a small reading nook so I added the tent as her little hideaway! Plus, lets be honest…it’s sooo cool!!ACS_0237I need to add some fun pillows, but my dog keeps eating all of them-the more boho and cool the yummier it must be!!


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