More Mid-Century Then Modern

Children’s Therapy Room

I have this client that came to me and said she wanted a mid-century modern design for her new 4 room office for Psychotherapy! I immediately got excited thinking how I could do a cool space with Jonathan Adler being my inspo but that idea was quickly shot down when she informed me that she was more mid-century then she was modern. She wanted more Mad Men then Jonathan Adler. My brain needed a min to tap into how I could be creative in a space with so much dark brown and colors that I do not personally like and still find a way to give her what she wanted. This space was a complete empty shell. When we were choosing the carpets she of course wanted brown tones, and we were limited in choices from the building since it had to be a commercial grade carpet. When I came across the carpet we chose I felt it would play well as a “neutral” color and I would act as if it was wood flooring when I was designing the space. Sounds strange but i was desperate to connect with this space! I chose the colors she liked while choosing furniture, but I chose pieces I thought were cool and had good lines. She was on a VERY tight budget so to say this was a challenging project is an understatement!! I knew I wanted the space to feel like you were in someones living room since when people come for therapy they are often nervous and I wanted them to feel comfort and safe. My client is thrilled with the space and she feels it captures exactly what she envisioned and at the end of the day that’s all that really matters! And to be honest, I think it’s kinda cool :).


Waiting Room
Waiting Room
Children’s Therapy Room
Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 12.27.52 PM
Office 1
Office 1
Office 2-there is a grey  oval rug there now which helped complete this space.
Office 2

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