Inexpensive Room Makeover


I have a client that has a home here that she uses for 6 weeks out of the year. She had seen my work in another home and asked if I could redo her home but on a tight budget since she does not use the home often. This room below is her guest room and with some new linens and accessories I was able to update the space for about $1,000. I am a huge proponent of white bedding for all beds! No prints!! PRINTS look busy and/or juvenile! Save prints for your pillows and rugs! If you need to do color, choose very light ones and offset them with white sheets. It will look great with both dark headboards and light ones! Adding a rug to the space helps pull the room together and throw pillows help to add needed interest to all of the white bedding. Since her headboard is not making any statement, I found these amazing mirrors that look like windows to help reflect light into the room and to make the room appear larger.  I also had her furniture painted (by my best friend Debbie 🙂 ) with chalk paint, to freshen up the dated pieces. Painting you furniture is a great way to save pieces that have great bones or pieces that have been passed down in the family but look really dated. Give some of these tricks a try to freshen up your space on a tight budget!

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 11.02.09 AM





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