Moroccan Bathroom Floor Tile

fullsizeoutput_296cTwo years ago my client Shari asked me to design her shower and to make a statement. She is super fussy about very clean lines while still being boho. She loved white in all different shades and textures and NO color! This made it difficult to design a cool space. I went to my favorite tile store and saw these amazing new porcelain tiles! Being I am obsessed with all things boho and vintage I immediately was drawn to them and knowing that Shari hated color but loved vintage I thought she may go for it. I took her to the store and we came across this one pattern that she liked and the color was barely a color (lol)-perfect for Shari! I thought the tile would work well on the shower floor and the subway tile would offset the busyness of the tile nicely! 4 of the tiles make up a full pattern! So cool!

I wish I would have shared this design idea with all of you a while ago, but at the time I designed this shower it seemed too new for people to go for. A year later I saw the tile on Fixer Upper and then I knew it would take off…and it has! Now it is all over the place! You can find all different patterns and colors at any local tile store. If I was designing for myself it would be black and white and have the same white subway tile but with black grout. I guess I will just try and inspire one of my clients to go that route one day since my home is finished being designed ;).



2 thoughts on “Moroccan Bathroom Floor Tile

  1. Jo love how you found a way to introduce your client to a new and fun design pattern while maintaining her preference for a neural palette ! These tiles are amazing !!!

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