Living Room Reveal

It has taken me since I have moved into this new home, a year and a half ago, to get this room to have the look I was going for. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted this room to look like, I just knew I wanted to use the blue vintage sofa and the two white sofas. Through sooooo many different rugs and furniture arrangements and rearrangements, I have FINALLY figured out what the room needed to complete the look I was going for. A soft blue vintage rug, two matching pink vintage chairs and some antique tables I had in storage and a large cabinet I was going to give away, all help to complete the space .  I found the chairs from offerup for $125 each and the rug from my fav rug source was only $300! The two-story wall is always a tough thing to design. I want my home to have character and charm and not feel forced and/or fake. I moved the large clock from another room and placed it here where it works much better. I then knew the wall needed something large and vertical so when I found these mirrored barn doors I knew they were PERFECT!!! I added some shabby chic throw pillows to finish the look! I now love walking by this room and seeing the way the light shines through the sheer linen curtains to give the room a soft glow! I am now in shabby chic heaven!



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