My New Kitchen is finished!


About a year and a half ago I moved from my little charming cottage style home to a much larger, cookie cutter, new construction home. As a decorator this move was very difficult for me because it’s very hard to find charm and character in a newer home. And I had also put my own stamp on my smaller home and I just loved it! I chose all of the finishes in my new home to try and make it beautiful (lots of options in this new construction home but not nearly what you can get in a custom home), but I still felt handcuffed by my design ideas that I could not express. I dove into work and designed some amazing projects in the last year and a half  and that satiated my creative appetite but it wasn’t until my favorite Aunt from NY came over and saw my new home for the first time and said “Jo, this is a beautiful home and while it looks done, it’s not you!” And that’s exactly how I felt! I never felt it was fully me and because of that I never wanted anyone to come over and think this was a representation of me, because my heart wasn’t in the design. Finally, I decided that I am going to make some simple design changes and make my house a home one room at a time!  Most of the rooms just needed little touches here and there but the kitchen needed more. I had always wanted to do some sort of navy in a kitchen but I didn’t want to do the typical brass trend knowing that any trend gets old very quickly and becomes dated. I also didn’t want my style to get lost or G-d forbid feel nautical like typical navy and white kitchens feel! I think I really found a way to incorporate by boho/farmhouse/shabby chic style in the kitchen while getting the blue and white kitchen I have always wanted! I found the perfect blue that was a classic navy not a purple one. This one is Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue. I chose a few different samples and this one was that perfect classic blue! I am in love!! I added the Portuguese decal tile as my backdrop to the cabinets and in person looks even more amazing  then the photos and brings my boho vibe into the space! I also added Serena and Lily counter stools to help bring in a natural, boho vibe as well. And those lanterns!!! I looked for years, even bf I moved in, for the perfect lanterns and I just walked into this store one day and they were hanging there and I knew they were the ones for me!  They literally make me smile and bring my shabby chic side to the kitchen.  The bakery sign, bread box and some wood elements, gives the space a touch of farmhouse. Last came the hardware and while the brass trend is very nice, I have seen it all over and I am not very trendy with my home designs so I just painted my existing hardware Newburyport blue for the white cabinets and white for the blue cabinets. It’s fun, classic and unexpected while still not looking too cutesy. Finally, I feel at home in my kitchen! Now onto the outdoor space. Stay tuned! fullsizeoutput_2800fullsizeoutput_2731fullsizeoutput_27ffIMG_0464


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