Party Table Setting

Interior Design isn’t my only love I also love designing a great table! I recently threw a large party for friends and family and I wanted to have my hand in very detail! I would have preferred nice rustic farmhouse chairs but that was not possible at this venue but the rest of the table setting I had full control over. The key to setting a great table is layer layer layer!! As from the pictures below you can see I started with a burlap charger, then a white plate, then a cute burlap sack. You also want to switch off with contrasting colors when you layer-like I did from burlap to white back to burlap. I also wanted a very relaxed vibe so I just placed some non fussy flowers in these cute tin buckets. The key with a round table is to design the centerpiece in a round shape as well. I did that here by strategically placing the small lanterns, small buckets and the photos in a circle around the bucket. I also LAYERED The bucket on a runner and then a charger. I also made individual place cards with small terra cotta pots and I hot glued small faux plants into each pot and then I wrapped a name tag with twine around each one. Have fun when you host a party! There are soooo many options you can do to set a beautiful table!


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