The Perfect Guest Room

imageI finally am lucky enough to have a room designated just for my guests. I wanted to make my guests feel like they were staying at a hotel so I thought about what I always have at a hotel that makes me feel at home and I tried to do that in my guest room.

Here is my list for the perfect Guest room.

1. Very high thread sheet count- you want your guests to feel like getting into bed at your home is something they will always remember.

2. A luggage rack-  nobody wants to put their dirty suitcase on their bed or piece of furniture.

3. Trash can

4. Tissues box

5. Clock/ charger- I bought a clock with USB ports so my guests can also plug in their phones or tablets when they need to so it kills two birds with one stone.

6. Food basket- In case your guests get hungry at night they will not want to go to the kitchen and rummage through your cabinets. Leave a small basket with some pre-wrapped food, a few bottles of water and some napkins for them to snack on and replenish it for them daily.

7. Two bath robes hanging in the closet- Many people like to roam around their room in robes and nothing says luxury more then comfy bath robes.

8. Extra sheets and blankets- just in case of an accident or if your guests get cold, have extra sheets and blankets in the closet ready for use.

9. Hangers- splurge on pretty velvet hangers for the closet. You won’t need many and it will add some style to an otherwise boring closet.

10. Night light- great for guests to see in the dark because they are not familiar with your home.

11. Wifi password-  there is nothing more annoying then getting your laptop out and not having the Wi-Fi password. I tied a note on to the snack basket with the Wi-Fi name and password.

12. Bathroom accessories-  I leave a tube of toothpaste, razors, Q-tips and tampons underneath the sink in case they need it. In the shower I have a dispenser that is always filled with shampoo, conditioner and soap. And don’t forget the hand soap dispenser as well.

13. Extra towels –  be sure to lay out four towels for your guests and two hand towels and underneath the sink put some extra towels just in case.

14. Full size mirror- everyone wants to check themselves out before they leave the house and a full-size mirror will do the trick!

15. Magazines- having a stack of the latest magazines or  some interesting coffee table books would be greatly appreciated for your guest to read before bed.

Follow these 15 steps and your guests will be sure to have an amazing stay!


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