No-Sew Tulle Table Skirt

As I had mentioned in the previous post, I am throwing my daughter a Frozen birthday party. I will be making a dessert/candy table because she is OBSESSED WITH CANDY!!!! I wanted the table to have a dramatic, yet beautiful feminine vibe while still having the color scheme I am using from Frozen. I LOVE tulle and thought about doing a skirt for the table and felt tulle would create the effect I wanted. I found a no sew way of creating this look and you can too!!





What you need:


Tape Measure


At least 200 yards of 6 inch Tulle

Table Cloth

Safety Pins

Velcro Square Adhesive Fasteners

Heavy Object



1. Measure the circumference of your table and cut a piece of elastic to the circumfrence plus 6 inches and tape the ends to the floor.

2. Measure the length from the top of your table until the floor and double it and add 5 inches. My table is 35 inches so I cut 75 inches

3.  Cut the tulle to the measurement of your table that you measured in step 2

4.  Repeat step 3 about 100 times 🙂

5.  Gather one piece of the tulle in the middle  and then place the loop over and behind the elastic. Then grab the tails of the tulle and pass them through the loop. Leave 3 inches on each side of your elastic.

6. After all the tulle is on the elastic, lay a table cloth onto your table and a heavy object in the middle to hold everything in place. (I used fleece as my table cloth because I want to mimic snow and it will make sense when it’s all complete.)

7. Take one end of the elastic and safety pin it to the corner end of your tablecloth

8. Moving around the table take velcro tape square pieces and tape one end to the table cloth and one end to the back knot of fabric and Velcro about every third knot

9. For a more polished look you can glue the trim to the knots. I may do that, but I really like the look of the knots. I will decide as the party gets closer.



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