The Lululemon “Here to There Dress”

I was shopping with my friend Nicole in Lululemon and I came across this dress. At first I couldn’t get my mind around lulu doing everyday clothing but after I tried on this dress the material was so water wicking and the fit was so cute, I just had to have it! My favorite part is that after I do yoga I tend to not have time to shower right away, so I throw this on and go! They are not selling it online but go to your local Lululemon store and see if they have it and try it on. It’s especially great for curvier figures like mine! Pair it with sneakers like I did below or throw on your favorite heels if you’re out for the night!


2 thoughts on “The Lululemon “Here to There Dress”

    1. Hi Tamra- Unfortunately I got this dress almost 5 years ago! I have been waiting for them to restock cute fit and flares like this one, but they never have :(. Hope you find something like it somewhere else!

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