BEAUTY-Nude Nails

Nude nails were all over the Fall 2014 runways. But why should we wait until Fall for this beautiful trend. Below, I am wearing one of mine, and one of my favorite people (Rachel Zoe’s) favorite nail polish color…Essie’s “Ballet Slipper.” Another beautiful color to try is Essie’s new “Spin The Bottle.” To help my color last, I use  CND Vinylux top coat and my mani’s will last up to two weeks without any chips!!





Essie’s Ballet Slippers on the left and spin the bottle on the right. IMG_7880

2 thoughts on “BEAUTY-Nude Nails

  1. Your nails are looking beautiful!
    How many coats did you lay on?
    I have got the same nail polish but at my nails it’s always looking so “streaky”.
    Do you use a nail-whitener-pen?

    1. Hi Clara, Thanks for the compliment and I do wish I could take credit for them looking nice, but I had them done at a salon. She applied two coats very lightly, and then a top coat. They last all week without any chips but of course there is always nail growth. My suggestion is to us it sparingly. Hope this helped!!

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