Lipstick Love!

I have recently started to wear red lipstick as part of my daily makeup routine!  I wanted a moisturizing lipstick that stayed put.

I took a trip to Sephora and I was matched for the best shade of red for my skin tone and ended up purchasing Bite cashmere lip cream. I liked it, but found it would come off easily. The color is super rich, but for 28 bucks, I expected more!

Last month I was on a girls trip and forgot my lipstick at home, so we stopped at a CVS somewhere in the middle of nowhere America so I could buy one to hold me over till we got back.  I looked for one that was closest to the Bite shade I was matched for and it was Covergirl Lip Perfection. Little did I know it would be the best lipstick I have ever owned!

This lipstick not only hydrates my ultra dry lips but it lasts ALL DAY and its under $6!!!! I have to take a makeup remover to get this stuff off! It doesn’t budge!! Yes, I still leave makeup marks on my kids faces and on drinking cups but to my amazement it is still always on my lips! In a perfect world I would love to have this exact lipstick without leaving behind a trail of what I drank and who I kissed but those type of lipsticks I find have zero moisture, sooooo until then, this lipstick is the one for me!! At less then 6 bucks, you gotta give it a try! Look for your favorite shade below.


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